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Short Run Catalog Printing

10 Great Reasons to use Short Run Printing in Atlanta, GA

  1. Printed in USA (We are located in ATLANTA, GA!)
  2. Locally Owned and Operated!
  3. Upfront, No Surprises Pricing, and Delivery!
  4. Shipping Cost Included in Email Quotes!
  5. Receive your catalog or booklet by your quick!
  6. Professional Printing on New Digital Presses!
  7. Digital PDF Proof Included at no cost (Paper Proof Available – $25.00)
  8. Quality Guaranteed full color or monochrome (Black & White)!
  9. Have a question? Real Live representative to help! 678.368.3214
  10. Minimum is 100 

Booklet Size:

If you need a custom size, please select the size that will fit your finished size. For Example: 5″x7″ would fit in 5.5″x8.5″

Catalog Cover Design

Medical Supply Catalog Printing

We offer creative and custom catalog design services with quick turnaround at affordable rates. We have professional graphic design service that can provide a helpful hand and development your catalog. Click here to learn more

Holiday Magazine Printing

Christmas is quickly approaching and you need to get the holiday magazine ready now. If you wanting to market a project catalog or magazine, a holiday booklet we cand design and print so you can focus on sales.
If you need help luckily for you, we have compiled a list of magazines that will surprise and delight everyone on your checklist.

Real Simple –

This magazine is one of the most versatile and useful out there. From decorating to relationships to cooking, this magazine covers just about every aspect of your life.

Models Sports –

This magazine continues to be the go-to for the fanatics. They cover models, games, leagues, and all of the latest. Reader’s want to read your magazine because of the wealth of information. From recipes to health to advice, it covers a large range of topics.

Product –

Entertainment –

Entatinamen magazines bringing new culture to people in spectacular fashion. IF you have a monthly publication we can help you save money on design and printing.

As a magazine printing company, we understand the power of the printed word. These gifts will not only keep giving on year long but can be kept and used on a regular basis.

Running late on those holiday magazines? If you need a magazine printing company, call us at now 678-368-3214 or visit our products to learn more about our magazine services. We would be happy to help!

Creating Posters & Flyers For Printing

Free Graphic Design Programs


GIMP - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingThe GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP for short, is a versatile graphics editing package that allows you to perform tasks such as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. Available tools include painting, color correction, cloning, selection and image enhancement. GIMP supports common files such as JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF as well as some special formats. You can do advanced photo retouching and customize the view and behavior of the user interface to your liking. You can also easily extend GIMP’s capabilities with a wide array of plugins. A word of caution, though: GIMP does currently not support the CMYK colorspace, so for your printing needs, you will have to use an additional software for color conversion.

GIMP is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Krita - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingConcept artists, illustrators, matte and texture artist as well as VFX professionals value this open source painting tool. Its many common and innovative features are geared towards amateurs and professionals alike. Krita features brush stabilizers for shaky hands and allows you to customize your brushes with over nine unique brush engines for specific needs. You can import brush and texture packs from other artists to expand your tool set. You can also customize Krita’s intuitive user interface with your own dockers, panels and shortcuts. Drawing assistants, mirroring tools, a multi-brush tool, layer management and selections as well as transform tools and training resources enable you to realize the design you envision while layer masks allow you to work nondestructively. Krita supports full color management and comes with a wide variety of ICC profiles for every need. The software reads and writes PSD files out of the box and you can expand the functionality through a wide range of plugins.

Krita is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Paint.NET - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingOften billed as a free alternative to Microsoft Paint, this tool focuses on ease of use and beginning graphic designers with a simple and intuitive user interface. Once you get started with Paint.NET, you will find the tool surprisingly feature-rich and useful. Its strong point is the retouching and editing of photos and images with curves and brightness or contrast adjustments and special effects such as blurring, sharpening or red-eye removal. But the software also covers all the bases needed for rich image composition such as layers, unlimited history and tools for shapes, curves, gradients and selections. Paint.NET is your companion if you are looking for an easy-to-learn yet capable application.

Paint.NET is available for Windows.

Sumo Paint

SumoPaint - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingThis web based image editor comes with standard graphic design tools such as different brushes, shapes, and cloning tools. The interface was designed with Photoshop in mind and offers and intuitive floating toolbar. You can upload documents from your computer to edit them online with this tool.

Sumo Paint is free as an online image editor that requires Adobe Flash Player. A paid Pro version is available for download.

Free Vector Art Tools


Inkscape - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingProfessionals and amateurs alike use this open source application. Inkscape is a sophisticated high quality vector graphics software which allows you to create a great variety of graphics: illustrations, logos, diagrams, maps, flyers, posters and many more. It comes with extensive drawing tools just as capable as those of Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW or Xara Xtreme. Inkscape can import and export various file formats such as SVG, AI, EPS, PDF, PS, PNG, OpenDocument Drawing and more. The user interface is simple and intuitive and enables you to have first successful results within minutes. The built-in features are already comprehensive, but you can customize the application’s functionality with add-ons. Inkscape is a great tool ideal for but not limited to designing vector-based posters, flyers, brochures or business cards.

Inkscape is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


https://vectr.com/You can use this graphics editor to create vector graphics easily and intuitively. Vectr is capable to design any 2D graphic for all sorts of print products such as business cards, posters, flyers, brochures and more. The software is available as a standalone desktop app or as an online version and features cross-platform live collaboration and synchronization, allowing you to work on the same project with others. Vectr’s easy-to-use approach enables you to focus on your creativity instead of grappling with the software.

Vectr is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Chromebooks. You can also use it online in your browser.

SVG Edit

SVG Edit - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingThis online vector graphics editor uses only JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and SVG. This means it works in your browser and doesn’t require communication with any server. Should you wish to do so, you can create your own version of SVG Edit by modifying the open source code. The standard toolset is capable enough for creating and editing vector-based designs, including features such as free-hand drawing, shapes, styleable text, raster images, undo and redo, gradients, opening local files and exporting.

You can use SVG Edit directly in your browser. The source code is available on GitHub.

Free Desktop Publishing Tools


Scribus.svg - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingAs a powerful open source Desktop Publishing application, you can consider Scribus as a free equivalent to Adobe InDesign. Scribus is a professional page layout software that shines when you need to layout multi-page documents, but you can of course use it to design outstanding posters and flyers as well. Newbies will find the user-friendly interface reassuring, and to learn the details, you can use the free tutorials and wiki available online. Scribus supports professional publishing features out of the box. CMYK colors, spot colors and ICC profiles are part of the robust and reliable color management in Scribus which lets you control color display and conversion. The neat features include vector drawing tools, import and export for many file types, or emulation of color blindness to check your color choices. For going to print, Scribus offers reliable and professional PDF creation with a wide range of PDF export options.

If a lot of photos are part of your poster design, you will need to complement Scribus with some image manipulation application. But the great advantage to learning Scribus is that you will be able to design a wide range of print products with this software, from business cards, flyers and brochures to whole magazines or books.

Scribus is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


LibreOffice - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingOffice software might not be your first thought for your graphic design needs, and it certainly isn’t our top recommendation. But if you already know your way around office applications and your design is not that extravagant, LibreOffice is a powerful tool with a clean interface and lots of features to help you get the job done quickly. The pack includes several applications, out of which Draw will prove useful for creating vector graphics and flowcharts. You can easily insert graphics and diagrams, and the tool is a good choice for technical drawings, brochures, posters and other straightforward print products. Draw includes the means to manipulate pictures and images in many ways and is able to handle an impressive range of image and document formats, including high quality PDF export for print. For improving your design, templates are available for download.

LibreOffice is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

G Suite

Gsuite - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingUnder the name G Suite, Google has bundled its communication, collaboration and productivity apps formerly known as Google Apps. In a pinch, you can use Docs and Slides to create simple designs for posters or flyers, especially when you have to rely on charts, diagrams and data visualization based on existing Google Sheets. The strong point of this tool is the easy collaboration with others, but for complex image manipulation and vector art, G Suite is not your top pick.

G Suite is free as a trial and for for private use (as Google Docs).


Fatpaint - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingDon’t let the name fool you, this online graphic design tool allows you to do so much more than paint: create page layouts or vector illustrations, edit photos, or create 3D text and logos. It already comes with nearly a thousand built-in fonts and endless vector cliparts for you to use and on which to base your design. A popular feature is the possibility to create stunning 3D text graphics by inputting text and choosing a 3D template. Basic photo editing is certainly no problem for Fatpaint, but advanced photo editing, vector drawing or working with multiple layers or pages are definitely the strong points of the application, making it a powerful DTP tool. Fatpaint comes with tutorials and videos to show you how things are done.

Fatpaint is an online graphic design tool that is ad-based in its free version.


Canva - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingAnother online editing tool, Canva is easy to use and learn while being geared towards beginners and professionals. The interface makes it possible to have first positive experiences rather quickly and develop your design from there. Canva includes stock photography, vector art and illustrations for you to use, or you can upload your own. It is possible to edit your photos with preset filters or advanced photo editing tools. Enhance your design with icons, shapes and elements and choose among hundreds of available fonts.

Canva and its basic features are free while advanced and enterprise features are available as subscription models.

Free Tools for Infographics

Infogram - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingeaselly - free graphic design tools - chilliprinting

If you quickly need to visualize data or create infographics, you can try the following online tools: Infogram allows you to upload data from multiple sources, then choose from charts or maps to create infographics and various charts which you can then download as PDF or image. Easel.ly is there to help you generate eye-catching and informative graphics on the web for free.

A Quick Note On Printing PDFs From Free Graphic Design Tools

Free software solutions for designing your posters, flyers and other print products are great, but you have to be cautious before bulk printing its files. Whereas most paid design software deliver reliable PDF files for professional printing, the ones created by free tools should be examined carefully. Our automatic file check will do this job for you, however, its results should be still double or even triple checked to be on the safe side. Moreover, the notes produced by our system after uploading your PDFs from any free tool should be taken seriously so that you can avoid erroneous results and unpleasant surprises.

Conclusion: A Final Word On Paid Graphic Design Software

Adobe - free graphic design tools - chilliprintingWhen talking about graphic design software, the name Adobe will invariably pop up. The applications and services bundled under the name Adobe Creative Cloud are the go-to tools for professionals the world over. Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are the de-facto reference for image manipulation, vector art and page layout software. Without a doubt, you can reliably use them to create professional designs for printing. However, the issue with Adobe products is that many people have learned how to use them at some point and the switching costs are high. Other tools may offer a similar interface, but often the differences are fundamental. When Photoshop is unavailable, using an unfamiliar tool means learning how to use it. If you are in a desperate situation where it has to be Adobe or nothing, you can make use of a free 30-day trial for Windows or Mac, but be advised that you can only do so once.

As you can see from our above list, however, there are plenty of free alternatives which will allow you to create a range of high quality print products. Which ones have you used successfully before, and which are you going to try out? Share your experiences with us in the comments, and before you start designing, make sure to read our tips on How To Stand Out With Great Poster Design!

This article came from chilliprinting

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Printing Services


Proudly serving North Metro Atlanta and Gwinnett area.

Our family is growing. We welcome all clients needing help with local printing job near Buford GA, Smyrna GA, Sandy Springs GA, Chamblee GA, Tucker GA and Duluth GA. At FlyersATL we produce a diverse range of printing products in-house and on fast deadlines.

FlyersATL local printing will help you communicate your business message and look great.

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FlyersATL is always here to help you with all your printing needs. From business cards to posters to brochures, to catalogs we help your business can benefit from our services at rock bottom prices with great quality.

We’ll match any price and maybe even beat it. Whether you’re just starting your business and want great looking prints or in a rush and need a quick job fast, At FlyersATL we’ll keep up with the demands of your growing company. Ask about our monthly printing programs ensuring you never need to reorder printing again. Every month we’ll send you an order right to your business.

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Printing Customers Services

Our staff is composed of lead designer and marketing experts with experience you can trust. FlyersATl.com has over 10 years in the printing business. Our design and marketing services are considered the top choices in the industry. We offer many solutions to bring your brand to the front of your market.

Do-It-Yourself-Design for Printing

Do-It-Yourself-Design for Printing

Need to get your small business project out in the open with flyers, postcards, business cards or catalogs? The best way to get your message out there is having printing items to be the signage for your business telling your business.

First things first: Your marketing items needs to be as professional as possible. Best way to accomplish this is to hire a graphic designer, but if you plan to do this yourself you’ll need to keep in mind that you’ll need to place all text 1/8 in from the edge of your design.

If you want to do the design yourself then use a program like Gimp or on the iPhone use Poster Maker- Flyer Maker. For Android use Poster Maker & Poster Designer. Also can download a copy of Photoshop app from Adobe.

So you want to start your project, I personally use Photoshop or illustrator from Adobe to design hi-definition quality images, but I know Photoshop is just one way to get your project started.

What You’ll Need

Your logo in original file format would be the best. Next, you’ll need to your message, Ad information, and contact details. Website information is a must in today’s marketplace.

Once you get all the graphics, text, and size design, please bring in the text in 1/8 of an inch to prevent cutting issues. The easy way to send for adjustments is using a solid color. Usually, a local print shop can adjust for you for around $5 to $10.

Remember to make your image resolution 300dpi and also know your graphics will print out a little darker than on your computer screen. To reduce, be sure to design in CMYK.

If you have a square to print, understand the size is only available is a 4”x4” dude to the fact the cost of a 4×6 flyer is cheaper then cd inserts size.

You need your artwork to be scalable, and a fixed, flat image file won’t work. Go for as high-resolution as possible, always. A file can always be scaled down, but not up, and keep its clarity. We gladly accept virtually every Mac & PC file format, including any version of:

Adobe: Acrobat, FrameMaker, Illustrator, InDesign, PageMaker, Photoshop
Apple: Works
Broderbund: The Printshop, version 15
Claris: Works
Corel: Bryce, Draw, Lotus, PhotoPaint, Quattro Pro, Ventura, WordPerfect
Deneba: Canvas
Macromedia: Fireworks, Freehand
Microsoft: Excel, Home Publishing, PhotoDraw, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word, Works
Quark: Xpress
Serif: DrawPlus, PagePlus, PhotoPlus
Also: .EPS, .JPEG & .TIF files

Have a file that isn’t listed here? It’s likely that we can use it. Call us at 678-368-3214 to get your short run project started!

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Why Use Flyers


Flyers services as an introduction to a business to a consumer. Businesses uses flyers to promo services, products special event such as a sale, music concert or perhaps even a public relations campaign spreading information. Flyers, also insures that people are made aware of your promotion. 4×6 flyers, 8×5 flyers, and full sheet flyers are great mediums that most small businesses in Atlanta can use to promote your message.

The each size flyers used correctly can become a great tool to help promote along with word of mouth. In fact, word of mouth is used with a professional design and printed will always get that someone to promote help with your word of mouth, social media growth.

The best benefit is in terms of cost, for as little as five cents a piece a flyer can get an expense means to engage with customers. Checkout our special prices at printingatl.com Currently, we are offering a special of only $35 for 500 flyers matted finish double size printing. Let us know how we can help with your postcard flyer needs.


Best Place for Business Flyers in Atlanta

Best Place for Business Flyers

Postcards and promotional flyers are a great tools for companies to promote their business message. Flyers and postcards are relatively low-cost item and strategic placement can give a business message exposure to a targeted audience.

Local Schools and Businesses
Local schools and businesses, according to printing company Taradel. First, call first to get permission or check on restrictions.

Local Newspapers or Publications
Community newspapers may agree to deliver your flyer at a relatively low rate. A great way to leverage a distribution system reaching larger audiences.

Community Boards
Community boards are a common place to post flyers .

Legal Cautions
Laws on posting flyers aren’t common at the state level, according to the “FindLaw” website. However, many towns and cities have ordinances restricting or outlining where flyers can be posted to prevent clutter. Some communities restrict or ban affixing flyers to city light poles according to the site. Mailboxes are especially prohibited and putting flyers up on someone’s private property without permission is a no-no, according to a March 2013 FindLaw article. Local schools and public buildings may also have policies restricting placement. The FindLaw article noted that you typically have first amendment rights to post flyers, but you need to check in to local laws to avoid legal consequences, a fine, wasted money or embarrassment.

Digital Printing for Magazines & Catalogs


Atlanta magazine publishers understands that printing magazine where all content and advertising is customized to readers interests needs to be affordable. PrintingATL’s digital printing technology allows publishers to produce hight quality high-impact printing experience to their readers. PrintingATL offers high quality booklets and magazines with digital printing technology fast and usually comes by in a few days. PrintingATL offers full, med and half size magazine printing.

Here are a few ideas on how to use a magazine, booklet or catalog.

Magazines focus on customer retention: Sixty-four percent of B2B marketers create original content for customer retention and loyalty goals  Historically, the reason why custom print magazines and newsletters were developed by brands was for customer retention purposes. 

Booklet used for high quality images to promote your products and brand. Just like a ‘coffee table’ booklet – with impressive design and pictures that offer immediate visual appeal. Provide photographic information about your industry, products, process and customers. Create impact with full color images and bold design.

Catalogers are using their online ecommerce data to deliver personalized print publications to their customers. For example, catalogers can target promotions, article headlines, and content on an individual level to their customers based on past purchases and demographic data.

Checkout our Atlanta booklet printing click here

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