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Magazine Booklet Catalog Printing Services Atlanta

Atlanta Catalog Magazine Booklet Printing

Best Value for Catalog Printing Services Online

FlyersATL is a local catalog booklet printing company that does about any size order and there is a customer service rep to help guide you through the easy process. Our new catalog and magazine booklet special get you a better discount on printing. Just use coupon code MAG20 and get 20% off your order matter the size or quality.

FlyersATL offers a variety of printed booklet sizes such as half-size and full-size Saddle-Stitched binding. We can print black and white or superior full-color digital printing. Below a description of our catalog printing.

    Size: 8.5 x 11 & 5.5 x 8.5
    Color Ink: 4/4, Full Color
    Binding: Saddle-Stitched
    Inside Paper: 80# Gloss Text
    Quantity: 100 to 1,000
    Pages: 8 to 56 pages
    Proof: Electronic PDF
    Cover Paper: Self-Cover or add
    80# Gloss Cover

We are the Best for Short Run Catalog Printing Services!

FlyersATL can deliver most jobs very quick about 2 to 4 Business Days from Proof Approval!

HaveYour Own Design?

Get started now by uploading your design PDF files (Adobe Suite: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word). Just upload, Dropbox, or email your booklet and will process your catalog.

Need a Catalog Design?

Get started by getting a quote on your project. Our graphic designers will help you complete your project on schedule and you save money on marketing. Our graphic designers are college educated, working in the printing industry for over 12 years, and will make your catalog look high-quality professional booklet.

Do-It-Yourself-Design for Printing

Do-It-Yourself-Design for Printing

Need to get your small business project out in the open with flyers, postcards, business cards or catalogs? The best way to get your message out there is having printing items to be the signage for your business telling your business.

First things first: Your marketing items needs to be as professional as possible. Best way to accomplish this is to hire a graphic designer, but if you plan to do this yourself you’ll need to keep in mind that you’ll need to place all text 1/8 in from the edge of your design.

If you want to do the design yourself then use a program like Gimp or on the iPhone use Poster Maker- Flyer Maker. For Android use Poster Maker & Poster Designer. Also can download a copy of Photoshop app from Adobe.

So you want to start your project, I personally use Photoshop or illustrator from Adobe to design hi-definition quality images, but I know Photoshop is just one way to get your project started.

What You’ll Need

Your logo in original file format would be the best. Next, you’ll need to your message, Ad information, and contact details. Website information is a must in today’s marketplace.

Once you get all the graphics, text, and size design, please bring in the text in 1/8 of an inch to prevent cutting issues. The easy way to send for adjustments is using a solid color. Usually, a local print shop can adjust for you for around $5 to $10.

Remember to make your image resolution 300dpi and also know your graphics will print out a little darker than on your computer screen. To reduce, be sure to design in CMYK.

If you have a square to print, understand the size is only available is a 4”x4” dude to the fact the cost of a 4×6 flyer is cheaper then cd inserts size.

You need your artwork to be scalable, and a fixed, flat image file won’t work. Go for as high-resolution as possible, always. A file can always be scaled down, but not up, and keep its clarity. We gladly accept virtually every Mac & PC file format, including any version of:

Adobe: Acrobat, FrameMaker, Illustrator, InDesign, PageMaker, Photoshop
Apple: Works

Broderbund: The Printshop, version 15

Claris: Works

Corel: Bryce, Draw, Lotus, PhotoPaint, Quattro Pro, Ventura, WordPerfect

Deneba: Canvas

Macromedia: Fireworks, Freehand

Microsoft: Excel, Home Publishing, PhotoDraw, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word, Works

Quark: Xpress

Serif: DrawPlus, PagePlus, PhotoPlus

Also: .EPS, .JPEG & .TIF files

Do It Yourself Websites

Have a file that isn’t listed here? It’s likely that we can use it. Call us at 678-368-3214 to get your short run project started!

Use promo flyersatl10 at checkout and get 10% off on all printing.

Have Questions?