Five Tips for Flyers, Brochures and Posters Prints

Atlanta flyers printing is an effective and affordable want a business can maximize their marketing effect. This article informs a few tested techniques when it comes to a flyer design.

Printing 4×6 inch flyers in Atlanta, GA has been the best way for as long as we can remember to market a business. That’s because 4×6 inch flyer printing is cost effective. 4×6, 5×7, or 8.5×11 inch Flyers are also very adaptable and they work very will. If you’re thinking of designing a flyer then printing a few then see how our flyer design tips can help you get the results you require.

1. Catch the eye – IMMEDIATELY! Hire a professional graphic designer or just use FlyersATL’s do it yourself system with 1000s of templates

We know, we know. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? However, the truth is that we see so many flyers posters, brochures and other advertising that it takes something really special to grab our attention. Think of that flyer or poster that held your gaze and turned your head or the brochure you stopped to look and put in your pocket. What was different about them? Use a witty or provocative headline, a unique image or contrasting colours to help your flyer rise above the marketing chatter.

2. Tell people what’s so good about your business

Every good advertisers knows for a campaign to work the flyers need to answer one main question for consumers – “What can you do for me?” Make sure your flyer mentions the benefits of using your business. You’re asking people not only to buy from you but to choose you over your competitors, so tell them why they should do so.

3. Keep it short, simple – snappy – direct

When designing artwork and writing text for your printed flyer, remember its purpose is to deliver a high impact message that’s easy to remember. Flyers are not the place to talk about your business or its history. Get straight to the point to get the very best from your flyer.

4. Go big on branding flyers, posters, brochures, stickers and business cards

Every piece of marketing from stickers, flyers and brochures to posters or even business stationery is an opportunity to grow your brand. The more people see your name and logo the more credible your business becomes.

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5. Don’t forget a clear call to action

Again, it sounds obvious but many flyers don’t make it clear what they want the reader to do apart from reading the flyer. Before you send your flyer or leaflet for printing make sure it has clear contact details and a call to action like “Call now” or “Visit our store today”. Put simply, people are much more likely to contact you or go to a store or venue if you tell them to rather than just letting know them where it is.

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Five Tips for Flyers, Brochures and Posters Prints in Atlanta GA
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Five Tips for Flyers, Brochures and Posters Prints in Atlanta GA
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