Toy Drive in Atlanta GA Gwinnett

Recent data shows there are many families living in Extended Stays here in Gwinnett. Our organization is focusing on families in need with children living in those hotels. We are asking individuals, companies and churches to collect new toys for children ages 6 yrs. – 18 yrs.

Ideal Toys

*Board games


*Stuffed animals


*Coloring books/crayon’s

*Perfume sets




*Trucks*Hair sets

*Craft sets 

*Musical toys

*Doll accessories

*Educational games



*Soccer balls


Bath sets 


Wrong Toys


*Live pets





*Guns or weapons



to donate Toys or 

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Toy Drive in Atlanta 2022
Starting on
August 2, 2022
Ending on
December 22, 2022
Toy drive 2022 in Atlanta, GA. Give toys to needed kids in Atlanta areas. Toy collection drive in Atlanta, GA. 2022 Christmas Toys for Kids
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