Why Flyers in Atlanta should be part of your Marketing Strategy

In Atlanta, GA businesses and customers live in a digital age and the humble flyer is still the best marketing tool more so now, then ever. For over hundreds of years the flyer has work incredibility more than any other marketing tool we have. In Atlanta, we use the flyer to promote events, pop up shops, record labels, artist, products and services.

Here are five reasons.

  1. Cost effective and able to touch the people.
    Rather than just using online website and social media for advertising placing expensive print media ads. A well planned flyer campaign can help connect customers to offers both in store and online. High quality flyer printing doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can purchase 500 4×6 flyers double-sided from flyersatl.com for only $50. Click Here

  2. High Impact Advertising
    Flyers are much easier into the hands of potential and current customers. I say this because you know our emails sit in inbox unopened, or goes right into spam or delete. People who get a flyer will definitely look at it and take with them. Ask gyms, shops, cafes, and other businesses are if you can drop a flyer off with them or just talk with them about leaving some behind.
  3. People Like to Hold something
    Online advertising is so fast it comes and it goes which has its space. Customers and clients will know with printed flyers you aim to make your business a step above the and provide something tangible.
  4. A Personal Touch
    Handing a flyer to your potential customer creates a business relationship. When you give out flyers make sure you smile and as a professional talk to the people and put a flyer in their hand, bag or pocket. If you do this right they will definitely look at your flyer again and really check it out. Add a QR code make it easier for your customer to purchase and check your business out.
  5. Advertising People Actually Look At
    With a well-design flyer, potential customers will read flyer when they see it. People are skilled in ignoring advertising ads, with its possible that your design will be pickup with the right message target to that market.