Best Place for Business Flyers in Atlanta

Best Place for Business Flyers

Postcards and promotional flyers are a great tools for companies to promote their business message. Flyers and postcards are relatively low-cost item and strategic placement can give a business message exposure to a targeted audience.

Local Schools and Businesses
Local schools and businesses, according to printing company Taradel. First, call first to get permission or check on restrictions.

Local Newspapers or Publications
Community newspapers may agree to deliver your flyer at a relatively low rate. A great way to leverage a distribution system reaching larger audiences.

Community Boards
Community boards are a common place to post flyers .

Legal Cautions
Laws on posting flyers aren’t common at the state level, according to the “FindLaw” website. However, many towns and cities have ordinances restricting or outlining where flyers can be posted to prevent clutter. Some communities restrict or ban affixing flyers to city light poles according to the site. Mailboxes are especially prohibited and putting flyers up on someone’s private property without permission is a no-no, according to a March 2013 FindLaw article. Local schools and public buildings may also have policies restricting placement. The FindLaw article noted that you typically have first amendment rights to post flyers, but you need to check in to local laws to avoid legal consequences, a fine, wasted money or embarrassment.